"We know when our daughter is at Blue Door she is safe, happy and developing in a supportive environment - and having fun!"


"I love making things and colouring"

Charlie S

The Blue Door Nursery is regulated by the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage standards. These standards have statutory ratios for adults to children. These ratios are as follows:

  • 0-2 years = 1 adult to 3 children
  • 2-3 years = 1 adult to 4 children
  • 3-5 years = 1 adult to 8 children

If Sue, our qualified teacher is working with the pre-school children then the ratio is slightly higher. As a training nursery we often have student nursery nurses on placement with us, these students are always extra pairs of hands and are never included in our ratios. In addition we always have at least one member of the nursery management team available to assist staff, liaise with parents and ensure that the nursery runs smoothly. The addition of our nursery cook and our nursery caretaker further ensures the professional service we are able to offer to our families.

The children are grouped according to age and work with the same small team of nursery nurses during their sessions enabling close bonds to be formed between staff and children.

Staff Ratios
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