"Really happy for our second son to be coming here soon"


"I have a really best friend at Blue Door, I like playing running races with him"


At The Blue Door Nursery we welcome children between the ages of 0 and 5 years. We group our children as Kittens (0-2yrs), Cubs (2-3yrs) and Lions (3+). After Christmas each year we have a Lions group of children who are starting school the following September. Staff are grouped into teams led by a senior nursery nurse. This team system ensures that children are cared for by the same staff each time they come to nursery. Within each age group there are smaller groups based on children's particular needs. These sub-groups allow us to give individualised care within small 'family-sized' groups. We discuss the groupings with parents when children first start settling at The Blue Door. Through discussion we decide where children are best placed, we are able to cater for children with Special Needs or particularly Gifted and Talented children in this way.

Children move into the next age category at around the chronologically correct time - however if children are ready to move earlier, or need to stay longer in a particular group we consult with parents and ensure that everyone is in agreement before a decision is made.

St John's Hall, Wilmington Road, Seaford BN25 2EH tel: 01323 491821 email: enquiries@bluedoornursery.co.uk